What’s the Value of an Associate Degree

What’s the Value of an Associate Degree


In today’s economy, gaining a competitive edge gives you the advantage in the job market.Depending on your short-term and long-term goals, earning a community college degree is agreat launching point to either further your education or start a new career.

Compared to someone with a high school diploma, associate degree graduates earn $15,200 more per year, on average, over the course of a working lifetime. Community college tuitionnationwide averages less than $2,600 per year, a fraction of what you would pay at a four-year university.

A highly diversified economy helps fuel the Gulf Coast region’s growth. Areas such as energy, healthcare, business, construction and manufacturing are expected to generate more job opportunities in the future. By 2020, it is anticipated that there will be about 1.6 million new and replacement jobs in the Gulf Coast region, according to a study commissioned by the Texas Gulf Coast Consortium of Community Colleges (TGCCCC). Approximately 29 percent of these jobs will require an education level equal to an associate degree or greater.

With the anticipated job growth, it’s important the labor force has the right skill base. TGCCCC members work with regional and area businesses to identify the skills that organizations seek. TGCCCC member schools align their academic programs with the job market needs. Within anintimate class setting, TGCCCC students receive quality instruction from faculty members who are focused on their success and job readiness.

Approximately 96 percent of TGCCCC’s students stay in the Gulf Coast region. The education TGCCCC students acquire will help them achieve success such as higher earnings andincrease the productivity of businesses, which will benefit the Gulf Coast economy. Learn moreabout how TGCCCC plays a vital role in the economy.

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