Healthcare Careers

Exciting Associate Degree Opportunities Available in the Healthcare Field

Texas needs healthcare workers across the board. From doctors to medical office workers, Texas needs more people to provide medical services for a growing population. The member colleges of the TGCCCC are committed to enticing and training more students to enter the health care field and solve this problem in the Houston/Gulf Coast region.

The good news for students is – when there is more demand for employees than there are people to fill these jobs, salaries go up! Many of the open healthcare jobs require only a two-year associate degree, yet they pay $40,000 or more to start.

We’ve compiled information about 9 areas of healthcare, the degrees our colleges offer for those fields, salary information, and general information about the jobs in those fields. Please look through our information, and if you’re interested in any of these excellent jobs, find your local community college serving your town on the right hand side of the page. Then click to go to that college’s website and apply to become a student and start learning your way to earning a great income.


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