Supply Chain Management

Logisticians plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities in accordance with organizational policies and applicable government laws or regulations. Includes logistics managers.

2013 Jobs
2016 Jobs
Median Pay
Low Pay
High Pay
Transportation Managers 3,045 3,828 $45.59 $22.39 $87.21
Storage Managers 3,045 3,828 $45.59 $22.39 $87.21
Distribution Managers 3,045 3,828 $45.59 $22.39 $87.21
Managers, All Other 45,473 49,656 $24.22 $17.93 $31.61
Logisticians 3,618 4,320 $41.69 $25.22 $66.66

*Jobs for recently announced petrochemical projects not yet included.
Source: QCEW (Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages) Employees, Non-QCEW Employees, Self-Employed & Extended Proprietors – EMSI 2013.4 Class of Worker BETA. Job and wage information drawn from counties touching a 100-mile radius of Baytown, Texas.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Programs of Study

  • Associate of Applied Science, Logistics and Supply Chain Management – LOG2
  • Certificate of Completion, Logistics and Supply Chain Management – LOG1

General Requirements

Completion of the degree program for manager-level jobs generally requires at least 4 years but not more than 5 years of full-time equivalent academic work. Other positions may only require a certificate of completion. (Source: Texas Workforce Commission)