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ExxonMobil Projects that are Bringing So Many Jobs to the Gulf Coast

ExxonMobil Chemical Company is making it’s most expensive investment in the United States, ever, with its expansion of the Baytown plant. ExxonMobil is installing one of the largest steam crackers in the world at Baytown, making it the largest producer of ethylene for the company. Steam cracking is used to break petroleum down into more useful elements for humans.

ExxonMobil is also adding  two new units to the Mont Belvieu plastics plant. Texas will become ExxonMobil’s largest polyethylene supply point in the world when that project is finished. This capacity increase will help ExxonMobil meet the rapidly growing global demand for high-value polyethylene products.

This video explains more about the projects.

ExxonMobil Celebrates Construction Project and Petrochemical Scholarship Recipients

ExxonMobil celebrated last week the announcement of a multibillion-dollar ethane cracker construction project at its Baytown complex, and marked the occasion by recognizing 30 scholarship recipients who plan to pursue petrochemical careers.

The expansion project will employ about 10,000 construction workers, create 4,000 related jobs in nearby communities, and add 350 permanent positions at the Baytown facility.

More than 50,000 construction trades and petrochemical workers will be needed in the next decade across the Texas Gulf Coast region as refineries expand their capacity and replace retiring workers.

ExxonMobil petrochemical scholarship recipients

Steve Pryor, president of ExxonMobil Chemical Company, stands alongside 30 students recently selected by their local community colleges to receive scholarships for petrochemical training.

To help fill the demand for skilled workers, ExxonMobil has committed $1 million to the Community College Petrochemical Initiative, a collaboration between nine Texas Gulf Coast community colleges.  The initiative aims to recruit and train the next generation of petrochemical workers.

Booming Texas Cities – Infographic

In 2013, four cities in Texas were considered the fastest growing cities in America, and that trend continues on into 2014. The economic growth of the four cities – Houston, Austin, Odessa, and Dallas – can be seen throughout the cities’ infrastructure, from their low unemployment rates to their high gross metropolitan products. Texas’ fast-growing economy and easy recovery from the recent recession in the late 2000s can be attributed to its business-friendly regulatory environment, lack of state income tax for corporations or people, and highly-educated labor market.

People aren’t the only ones flocking to live in Texas. Major corporations believe in the Lone Star state, as well. We hold the record for the most Fortune 500 companies headquartered in any state and other businesses like Toyota, State Farm and ExxonMobil are helping to bring thousands of jobs to further grow the booming state. Find out more about how these cities and companies are helping to make Texas the great state that it is.

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Booming Texas Cities Infographic

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